Our Leadership Team


Cindy Hansen, BA-Psych, HHP

Director of Online Client Activities

Cindy’s focus during her psychology studies was behavioural health metrics. She is passionate about their application in providing clients with a stronger voice in the client-mentor experience. Cindy has been instrumental in the initial and ongoing innovation of the client dashboard metrics, which has been designed to increase the engagement between clients and mentors throughout the week on top of their regular weekly sessions. Cindy is additionally the Director of R&D for Health Masters’ sister company, MyOutcomes, which maintains ongoing collaboration with pioneering psychologists, Dr. Barry Duncan and Dr. Scott Miller, in the field of Feedback Improved Therapy (FIT). This latter role provides Cindy with the opportunity to collaborate with the MyOutcomes international base of over 3500 therapists who use MyOutcome tools and who are committed to measuring the effectiveness of therapy. Cindy has also worked as a therapist and continues to work with a small list of clients, thus keeping her attuned to client experiences in their use of Health Masters’ tools.


Karl A. Peuser, PhD

Director, Research & Securityr

Karl, who earned his doctorate at the University of Missouri-Columbia, leads the research and development team for the Health Masters One-on-One and Group programs. The primary focus of the R & D Department is to analyze client data in order to evaluate and insure the effectiveness of the Health Masters programs as well as to develop and research new innovations so as to maintain our goal of continuing to increase program effectiveness. His academic and applied experience in experimental psychology and neurosciences provides Karl with the experience needed to ensure that our Health Masters programs are utilizing the most advanced behavioural science needed to support clients in achieving their health goals.

Karl has a fairly eclectic background in both his personal and academic background. A past Robert S. Daniel Teaching Fellow, he has taught over twenty different courses in psychology, neuroscience, research, history of science and substance abuse. A recipient of the Research Society on Alcoholism Junior Investigator Award, he has done research on the physiological basis of learning and memory, developmental neurobehavioural toxicology, alcohol use and abuse in college age students and harm reduction programs for young children.


Darcy Kuhl, M.S.W., R.S.W

Clinical Director

Darcy Kuhl leads the clinical leadership team and supports research and development for new treatment programs. His clinical background providing therapeutic and case management services involved an impressive array of settings such as: Kelowna General Hospital, Kelowna Mental Health, Crossroads Treatment Center, Metis Community Services and Westbank First Nations. Through this breadth of work environments, he gained expertise in providing effective treatment for a number of http://strongmentalhealth.net/our-team/psychological/behavioural areas of concern including: stress, depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, trauma, phobias, grief and loss, parenting, and marital/relational challenges.

Darcy was the Team Leader in the development of WISE (Weight Loss In Supportive Environments), a behavioural-based weight loss program that has been used by employees in over 60 USA and Canadian companies. WISE involves weekly teleconference phone calls and keeping individuals engaged via social media tools that help them to develop skills to ward off emotional and addictive eating.

He holds a Master of Social Work degree with a clinical focus in mental health. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Social Workers


Vic LeBouthillier

Team Leader

Vic has spent the last two decades applying new developments in mental and social health sciences to corporations and individuals, as reflected in his personal vision statement: “To close the gap that exists between advances in social-psychological health sciences and the people who most need this support.”
Previous roles in his 30 year career include: CEO of Alive Publishing Group – a health publisher with clients in three continents; Director of the Alive Health Resort – an inpatient facility that provided mental-health recovery programs; and President of Columbia Group – a management consulting firm focused on workplace Human Resources. Vic’s current position is Director of Research and Development of Health Masters’ mental health groups and eLearning programs.


Farida Contractor, B.Com, CHRP

Chief Technology Officer

Farida Contractor oversees information technology (IT) and software development team. Her responsibilities include developing web-based/smart phone tools and insuring compliance with confidentially acts. Farida has more than 25 years of experience leading and implementing a multitude of large IT and software development projects. She was a member of the development team at Winfax that created the first digital fax software. Farida also worked in Deloitte and Touche’s IT division and as Chief Technology Officer of Health Factors Inc. Her leadership skills and commitment to service excellence are an invaluable resource in helping to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the client-mentor relationship.


Ammar M. Ayesh, MBA

Director of Business Development

Ammar’s role in developing new markets in countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa helps Health Masters build strong alliance relationships in the international mental health community. From these alliances our research and development team gains new perspectives and approaches in helping people achieve their mental health goals. Currently Ammar’s focus is on opening Alliances in the Middle east and North Africa and translating programs to overcome language and culture barriers.


Karen Christensen, ECD, ECIAD

Director of Digital Communications

Karen Christensen is a graduate of the prestigious Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. She has more than 27 years of experience in electronic communications design. She and her team create our easy-to-use, web-based applications as well as developing online streaming video, 2D and 3D animation, intuitive multimedia interactive design and graphic design.


Chris Stocker, B.Sc

Development Manager

Chris Stocker is a senior software engineer with extensive programming experience in health-science projects. Working in both PHP and .NET languages, he has created numerous custom web applications for clients. His work has earned him a reputation for building and maintaining bug-free, user-friendly software. Chris is similarly committed to providing MyOutcomes’ users with world-class technical support.


Sabitri Ghosh


Sabitri Ghosh is an award-winning writer, researcher, and health journalist with an innate ability to articulate complex messages in an understandable, highly readable written form. She oversees all aspects of copywriting and storyboarding for MyOutcomes’ multimedia and online content and works closely with our professional clients to develop operations and training manuals.