The Encarta Dictionary defines a tool as a handheld device that helps an individual accomplish a task. Health Masters’ tools are just one of many valuable resources we provide in order to help you achieve your health and relationship goals.

Whether you’re currently one of our clients, or you’re just looking for some guidance in the areas of relationship skills and mental-emotional health, we offer a variety of free tools that are designed to help you. They include:

Relationship Fractures – How Much Do They Cost You? Relationship appraisal

Reduce Stress Workshop. An interactive multimedia workshop that teaches you how to reduce stress

Lunch & Learns. Lunch & Learns occur monthly via tele-conference call from any location and features accomplished health experts with informal Q&A periods. Sessions are recorded and posted on the lunch and learn library

27 Micro Assessments. Choosing from multiple topics, users can save scores and choose to be reminded to redo assessments 3 month later to measure progression

Micro Web Video Library. Features a broad range of health video topics updated monthly

Calorie/Nutrition Counter. This is like having a personal nutritionist at your finger tips. Count calories/ vitamins/nutrients. Plan nutritionally balanced meals and receive a daily report card on your eating style with feedback on how to improve

WISE. Wise is an online multimedia behavioral-based (emotional eating) weight-loss program

Articles on various health related topics

To gain access to these free tools, please complete the contact form to the right.